The Enrico Mattei airfield was made in the 60s on the initiative of Eni, as an infrastructure functional to an industrial settlement that was taking place in the same years .Following an old Program Agreement of 1987, the Consortium for Industrial Development of the Province of Matera stipulated with the Ministry of the Budget a specific financing agreement for the "Requalification of the airport runway of Pisticci Scalo.

The airfield configuration, following the completion of the first interventions, is RWYs runway 13/31 of physical length of 1,400 meters (1,200 feet from head to head) and a width of 30 meters .Infrastructure potentially strategic, like the rail links along the three axes Potenza – Melfi – Foggia, Potenza  – Salerno  – Naples and Potenza  – Matera – Bari, the current airfield of Pisticci represents a development opportunity for the region, of further social emancipation and of economic growth for the sectors of industry, business, trade and tourism.


The geographical position makes it valuable tool to contribute to achieve the objectives and the programmatic goals of the Region in the sector of infrastructures and transports, such as:

• Improving “external” accessibility of the region;
• Training and development of interconnected productive clusters;
• Support to the structuring of logistics systems located close to the major polarity production;
• Promotion of mobility of people and goods





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