In order to ensure users of airfield the essential services, of welcome and optional ones, the manager will dedicate the appropriate spaces inside the air terminal.

The same space can be used for territorial marketing operations through the provision of information materials to support activities related to local tourism and to the productive activities of the sites (details about the initiatives, itineraries, facilities, etc.).


It will be used for the following services:

• Retail trade with sales area which does not exceed that of neighborhood stores, pursuant to Section 4, letter a) of the RL September 30, 2008 n. 23 after the declaration of commencement of           activities;
• sale of food and beverages in accordance with the rules provided for by Law August 25, 1991 , n. 287 ;
• the sales activity of daily and periodical press in accordance with local regulations;
• the sale activity of tobacco, lotteries and other similar activities in accordance with local regulations.





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