The Company

Winfly srl Unipersonale is an Italian airline, founded in May 20th , 2010.

The manager is Mr. Alfredo C. Cestari, native of Lucania, legal representative and accountable Manager.

The company in addition to making the public transport of passengers, it is a maintenance company approved by the Italian Aernoautical Authority.


In detail, the certifications achieved so far are:

• air carrier license No. DD 505UE issued by ENAC on 22.06.2012
• Air Operator Certificate no. I - 156, dated 21.06.2012 issued by ENAC
• Approval Certificate Part 145 n. IT.145.369 issued by ENAC on 15.10.2013
• Written declaration of Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 No.IT246570 of 30.11.2012, issued by Bureau Veritas

In the company purpose of the firm the following activities are included:

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