The Mission

The activity of Winfly S.r.l. Unipersonale is inserted in the vast sector of public passenger transport, it offers air taxi service and not scheduled flights. Winfly represents a concrete action of commitment and corporate responsibility for the economic revitalization of the South of Italia. At a time of uncertainty and disorientation, the decision to invest is a conciliatory sign of optimism and confidence in its own entrepreneurial potential as well as of a strong motivation.

The general aviation sector in southern Italy certainly offers interesting spaces for a rising airline company because it’s not completely saturated. In the light of these considerations, the efforts of Winfly, in the first period, were directed mainly on market positioning and the affirmation of its presence .


Contextually the company is also evaluating other opportunities and initiatives related to the aviation industry: first among all, the segment of the medical transport of medical equipment, organs, patients on stretchers or not and to develop it, it has signed two trade agreements with likewise many Italian companies of services operating in the field of sanitary flights .Winfly has also participated to an invitation to tender published by the Region of Basilicata for the Operational Programme Val d'Agri - Melandro-Sauro - Camastra that with DGR n. ° 609 of 05/06/2013 issued a notice for the granting of concessions for the "relocation, modernization and upgrading of existing SMEs.

The project presented, now being evaluated by the company Sviluppo Basilicata SpA, provides for the creation of a flight school for the licensing of Private Pilot, the first step for the achievement of qualifications for commercial pilot and airline one.

Winfly is part of a multinational group of companies with offices in Italy (Milan, Rome, Salerno, Naples and Potenza), Europe (Belgium), in Africa (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Rwanda and two antennas in Libya and Tunisia) and Latin America (Brazil).

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