Public Transport Passengers

On the "Enrico Mattei" airfield of Pisticci, after obtaining authorization for the management and use by Winfly, the following types of activities will be allowed:

  •  Public transport aircraft with aircrafts for flights:
    •  non-scheduled;
    •  with aircraft with maximum take-off mass not exceeding 5,700 kg and total passenger seating configuration not exceeding 9;
  •  Aviation school (including the activities for which the airfield is the base of operations);
  •  Aerial Work;
  •  Not remunerated.

Aviation Fuel Retail Management

Winfly will provide for the activation and management of reseller services of fuel in accordance with regulations. The availability of fuel on the airfield will contribute significantly to enhancing the infrastructure by placing it as a point of reference for general aviation and for future production facilities.

For these reasons, Winfly will do for the operators an efficient service, ensuring high quality of fuel as necessary prerequisite for the safety of flight operations.

First Aid and Fire

Winfly, in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of 23.09.2011, will ensure at the Mattei airfield a first aid and fire fighting facility constituted by equipment and assigned personnel ready to intervene in the course of operations involving assets of public transport and aviation school. The first aid and fire fighting service on the airfield will be under the administrative control of Winfly, which will therefore be responsible for the organization, of the equipments, assignments, training.

The management will coordinate its programs with the main centers of co-ordination to ensure that the respective limits of their responsibilities are clearly delineated in the event of a plane crash near the managed area. The coordination between the service of rescue and fire fighting and public safety entities, such as local fire departments, police forces, and the regional health service, will be achieved through an agreement for assistance to a plane crash.