La Grancia
Il volo dell'Angelo
Maggio di Accettura
Meraviglie di Sabbia
Alla corte di Federico
Notte dei Briganti
Pollino Music Festival
Festival enogastronomico dell'Aglianico del Vulture
Festa della Madonna della Bruna

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Tourist Sites

Castello di Melfi
Venosa Città di Orazio
Castello di Lagopesole
Laghi di Monticchio
Sassi di Matera

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The region

The only region in Italy with two names - but Basilicata, however, is the officially recognized denomination- is a land in which the history of nature and man have left important traces from the time when the land emerged from the sea. Formerly known as Lucania, from the "Lucus" Latin, because a forested land or because populated by Liky ancient people coming from Anatolia, or again because land reached by a warlike people which followed the light of the sun, formerly "luc", was called Basilicata for the first time in a document dating from 1175, probably deriving its name from "Basiliskos," byzantine administrator.

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