Certified pilot and president of a multinational group of companies located in Italy, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, Eng. Alfredo C. Cestari founded in 2006, along with two other Italian partners, the Emeraude Sarl, based in Brazzaville and with operational headquarters at the airport "Agostino Neto" of Pointe-Noire (Republic of Congo). The main goal is to meet their needs of displacement towards and in Africa. Emeraude soon became a point of reference for many African and foreign traders and for the multinationals present in the Republic of Congo and neighboring countries.

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Airport Salerno - Amalfi Coast Via Olmo, 84092 Salerno Bellizzi Tel. / Fax +39 0828 547 019  

Mail: Sito Web: www.winfly.eu

HEADQUARTERS Via R. Siniscalchi, 33 84084 Fisciano (SA) Tel. +39 089 952889 Fax +39 089 954962
HEADQUARTERS Centro Direzionale - Isola A5 Int. 51, P. 9 - 80143 - Napoli Tel. +39 081 7875970 Fax +39 081 7875753
BRANCH OFFICE IN BASILICATA Via Amendola, 150 - Moliterno(Pz) - 85047 Tel. +39 0975 668609 Fax +39 0975 668460
LOCATION OF THE AIRFIELD Via Sant' Angelo 75010 Pisticci Scalo (Matera) -

The Company

Winfly srl Unipersonale is an Italian airline, founded in May 20th , 2010.

The manager is Mr. Alfredo C. Cestari, native of Lucania, legal representative and accountable Manager.

The company in addition to making the public transport of passengers, it is a maintenance company approved by the Italian Aernoautical Authority.

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The Mission

The activity of Winfly S.r.l. Unipersonale is inserted in the vast sector of public passenger transport, it offers air taxi service and not scheduled flights. Winfly represents a concrete action of commitment and corporate responsibility for the economic revitalization of the South of Italia. At a time of uncertainty and disorientation, the decision to invest is a conciliatory sign of optimism and confidence in its own entrepreneurial potential as well as of a strong motivation.

The general aviation sector in southern Italy certainly offers interesting spaces for a rising airline company because it’s not completely saturated. In the light of these considerations, the efforts of Winfly, in the first period, were directed mainly on market positioning and the affirmation of its presence .

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Each of these branches is engaged in the promotion of aviation both in public institutions and in private entities (also through the authorities that represent them: chambers of commerce, trade associations, etc.).

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The Company is headquartered in Fisciano (SA), via R. Siniscalchi n.33, where there are also administrative offices.

It’s based also in Naples in via Calamandrei Centro Direzionale is. A5.Operative headquarters, vip lounge-representation and maintenance base part 145 in the terminal building of the Airport Costa d’Amalfi of Salerno where it operates regularly and on which it has an exclusive stand for aircraft parking.

Since August 2013, its operational a branch offi ce in Basilicata, precisely in Moliterno (PZ), via G. Amendola 170.

The new office, not only promotes commercially the company, but was born with the specific aim of developing new initiatives in the field of aviation as a flight school for the issuance of licenses of private pilot for aircrafts.

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